2022 Schools Essay Competition

Careers in Health Sciences

The field of health sciences offers a wide range of career options. Apart from the work done by doctors and nurses, people can pursue clinical jobs to interact directly with patients and address their needs, along with non-clinical jobs to support the health and well-being of the population. 

The 2022 Marjorie Bash Secondary Schools Essay Competition seeks to encourage high school students and recent graduates to consider taking up rewarding careers in this field, by reflecting on the contributions of different healthcare professionals to the development of their communities. 

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2022 Holidays STEM Camps

STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is much more than just a trendy acronym. 95% of jobs by the year 2025 will require STEM education and training, and studies show children exposed to STEM at an early age are more likely to be interested in that work. 

At the 2022 Holiday STEM Camps, Marjorie Bash College will introduce and expose kids to STEM in ways that will make them excited about sciences. Kids will become more interested to discover what will happen when they combine this and that, and inspired to learn about how and why things happen. 

Get in touch to know how your kids or school can join the 2022 STEM Camps (email: mbashcollege@gmail.com)