Marjorie Bash College Library

About our Library

At the library we support teaching and learning by providing:

Our library also hosts the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI). The CTLI pursues excellence in teaching and learning by undertaking a wide range of pilot projects and special initiatives in partnership with the college community. They also provide a broad range of services and offers support to faculty and students from all academic centres and programs.  

Public Library Services

In addition to providing services to the College, our library offers a welcoming space for members of the public to borrow books and other study materials. The public library service is provided on weekends, when regular campus traffic is minimal. We have materials for different ages and interests. Register today to enjoy our rich collection of reading and audio-visual materials. This service will begin  from September 2020. 

Research Consultancy

Marjorie Bash College offers a range of consultancy services in research through our library. Some of the research consultancy and training services include: 

Our team of international research associates has a broad set of skills that will meet most of our research needs. Tell us how best we can support you. 

College Community Library Users

The library provides courses on research skills to the college community (students, faculty and staff).  Learn how to use the Library and the web for excellent research results. Also find out how to use healthcare research basics in order to find information for evidence-based decision making.