Marjorie Bash College of Health Sciences and Technology provides a forum to highlight original research and educational innovations by students working with faculty/lecturers at institutions in our community. The Health Sciences Research Day promotes interaction among the students, lecturers, researchers/professionals, and community members.  

Students in undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and residency programs are invited to submit abstracts and posters for judging.  Entries from outside of Marjorie Bash College are welcome! The abstracts provide a written research summary, while the posters are a concise visual representation whereby the authors present their work by addressing the reasons for the research, the methodology employed, and the resulting conclusions.  The posters are an excellent means to briefly and articulately describe research, while the opportunity for questioning by the judges provides for a significant amount of interaction between the students and the public. 

The Research Day will consist of in-person research poster presentations, a keynote address delivered by a prominent leader in the health sciences, and an awards ceremony. Awards will also be presented for Best Abstracts and Posters in each category as well as other Prizes. 

Key Dates and Details

Registration Fees

Undergraduate students (Marjorie Bash College) - N0

Undergraduate students (Other institutions) -- N2,000
Post-graduate students (Masters, Ph.D.) -- N5,000

Medical Residents (i.e. Resident Doctors) -- N5,000

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 31, 2023

Event Date: June 23, 2023

Venue: Marjorie Bash College of Health Sciences and Technology

5 - 7 Okpu Umuobo Road. Aba, Abia State - Nigeria 

Time: 9 am - 5 pm

Awards: Available for different categories of abstracts and posters.

Sponsorship and product exhibition spaces are available!

For more information, contact:

Health Sciences Research Day Committee

Email: research@mbashcollege.org 

Phone: +234708 164 1428; 0703 132 9660; 0803 542 4651

WhatsApp: +234 916 912 4384

Application guidelines

Undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and medical residents are invited to submit abstracts aligned with one of the following competition categories:

Basic Science

Translational, Clinical, or Applied Science

Social & Population Health

Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences Education

Holders of academic titles (e.g. Dr or Prof) are not eligible to submit abstracts, except when working with students as first authors. 

Abstract and Poster Guidelines

Content of the Abstract


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