We provide the community with accessible, innovative, technology-driven education that meets the evolving needs of the Nigerian health system, with emphasis on applied Christian service, research, and sustainability.  Our curriculum, content, and delivery are comparable with those of North American community colleges. 

If you’re interested in the science and technology of health care, consider a career as a medical laboratory technician. It will immerse you in an exciting diagnostic environment, working both independently and as part of a team to perform complex procedures and tests on all types of human specimens.

Community health is an ideal career path for people looking to make a difference in the daily lives of others. As a community health worker, you’ll work directly with people in different settings, including home care, hospitals, and schools. You’ll help them with mobility, personal care, assisting them to eat their meals, and medication monitoring. It’s a people-focused job.

As a pharmacy technician, you will be part of a pharmacy team, filling prescriptions, assisting patients, maintaining records, and more. Your focus will be the accurate preparation and delivery of medications to your patient. It’s a career that demands careful attention to detail, a high degree of integrity, and lifelong learning. 

The Health Information Management programme teaches how to collect, organize and manage large amounts of health information, all while meeting privacy standards. You could work as a health information management practitioner, coordinator or analyst with hospitals, health authorities as well as public and private health agencies.

The Biomedical Engineering Technology program will provide you with essential knowledge and hands-on experience required to sustain the function of medical devices,  including installation, inspection, calibration, repair and maintenance, and troubleshooting.

The Division of Continuing Education offers educational, career, and personal development opportunities designed to address the needs of healthcare providers and other experts in the community. The division uses a blend of online and workshop-style teaching to provide up-to-date training.  

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